So welcome to my blog, I've been procrastinating for years but I've finally set up a website so that I can add yet another narcissistic voice to the shouting masses already on the web, 'cos yeah why not that's just what the world needs right?

So this blog may or may not go anywhere, but the intention is to put down some thoughts about stuff I find and/or get up to, more specifically I hope this gives me some motivation to get out with my camera and take some more pictures, as it's all too easy to just leave the camera at home.

Also as I've been building web sites and applications for years now I thought it was about time I started putting down some information on the stuff I get up to professionally, maybe some of the information I share will come in handy to someone else out there struggling with a bug or 'undocumented feature', and if I can help someone then that's some small way for me to pay back for all the times I've Googled a problem and found help from someone out there on the web.

Just in case you were wondering about me or my background here's a little something I wrote for my linkedin profile;

James has many years experience as a Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager and all round good egg. After qualifying from Staffs Uni with a 1st in being awesome James left the relative safety of the Grim North to pursue his dream of working as an analyst programmer for a direct marketing firm in the hustle and bustle of South Bucks.

After several promotions, horrendous projects, ridiculous deadlines & burnouts James met the love of his life and realised that a bright and shiny new future awaited him in London where his new found lady lived.

James spent a few years working as a Project Manager and then Team Leader for various media companies before the economic downturn took its toll and the inevitable happened, he was made redundant.

But all things happen for a reason, even if that reason is only blind chance, and just when things looked at their bleakest James secured a position at a young boutique agency with big plans down on the Sussex coast called Bite Studio. Over the next 4 years James scaled the not so corporate rope ladder to the top of the development team and ruled over the other geeks with an iron fist wrapped inside a velvet glove. 

Following the sale of Bite to a start up they incubated James decided a move to Amido, a technical consultancy, was the next logical step in his meteoric career, this in turn facilitated the step up to the lofty heights that his current role as Head of Development for 15gifts affords him.

Some of the amazing praise attributed to James' excellent mentorship includes such superlatives as "yeah not bad I s'pose" and "doesn't make the tea often enough", which just goes to show how busy and ace James really is.

Other notable achievements of James' career include organising numerous trips to the local to discuss things over a pint or two and being able to do 53 press ups in one go.

Looking towards the future, if the whole 'Head of' thing doesn't pan out James is thinking of taking up Creative Writing, or at the very least CV Fluffing.

Outside of work James enjoys eating, drinking and being merry, exercising regularly to balance things out and talking about himself in the 3rd person.


So there you go, a potted history so to speak. If you enjoyed this little ramble then have a look at the blog, I may have posted something recently for your amusement, if not then what are you doing still reading this? Weirdo.